Impressions in Ink: your-partyner-in-printing

Our Approach

Since 1983, Impressions in Ink has been serving hundreds of Southern California’s ad agencies, small to medium print shops, graphic designers, print brokers, and in plant print operations. We print strictly for and only for the trade. We are a wholesale printing vendor offering our clients the utmost in quality, account protection, turnaround, and pricing well below the commercial/retail market. Save Save

Our Story

Account Protection •    Print ONLY for legitimate print resellers with a valid resale card •    Service no commercial or retail accounts. Trade printing is not a sideline for us as it is with some commercial print shops. •    We have no interest in your retail accounts and will never solicit your valued customers. •    We have no sales people. You’ll never have to worry about a conflict of interest or your accounts finding their way directly to a commercial print shop without you. Quality •    We DO NOT “gang run” jobs. Each and every job gets the attention it deserves and is printed as soon as the final proof is approved. •    Most jobs will be run on our five color 2003 Komori 28″ press featuring Komori’s digital photo spectrometer, that “automatically” measures and adjusts ink densities throughout the run. The in line annilox coater decreases drying time significantly helping to expedite bindery and completion. •    We never charge for and welcome press checks. Turnaround •    24/7 production, most jobs completed within 3-5 days •    Never a rush charge – need it sooner – we can do it Pricing •    We have no sales commissions or customer service reps to pay. •    We combine trade printer efficiency, the latest technology, and aggressive paper pricing that allows our clients a 20-50% markup and still remain competitive within the commercial printing arena. •    Understanding that paper is usually half the cost of the printing job, each quote you receive breaks out the printing cost from the paper cost and requirements. We buy large quantities of paper at extreme discounts and pass that savings along to you. Clients are permitted to supply their own stock if desired. Our Commitment We believes it takes substantial investments in equipment, experienced employees, and team dedication, to consistently meet the high demands of today’s printing industry. We understand that you stake your reputation on the quality and turnaround of our work. We welcome that responsibility with years of experience helping others succeed and prosper in this highly competitive market.

Next Steps…

For a quote it’s best to please send us your specs. Call in your quote: Phone: 858-277-6755 Toll-free: 800-525-0764 Fax: 858-277-6756 Email: estimates@impressionsinink.co Prepress: prepress@impressionsinink.co Call to Action